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Title Category Location(s)
6ixtynin9 DVD Taiwan North
Boys From Fengkuei, The DVD Taiwan North
Brighter Summer Day, A DVD Taiwan South
Brighter Summer Day, A DVD Taiwan North
City Of Sadness, A Taiwan North
Double Vision DVD Taiwan North
Dust In The Wind (Taiwan) DVD Taiwan North
Eat Drink Man Woman DVD Taiwan North
Flowers Of Shanghai DVD Taiwan South
Flowers Of Shanghai DVD Taiwan North
Formula 17 DVD Taiwan North
Good Men, Good Women DVD Taiwan South
Good Men, Good Women DVD Taiwan North
Goodbye Dragon Inn DVD Taiwan North
Goodbye South Goodbye DVD Taiwan North
Goodbye South Goodbye DVD Taiwan South
Goodbye, Dragon Inn DVD Taiwan South
Green Dragon Inn Taiwan South
Heirloom, The DVD Taiwan North
Help Me Eros DVD Taiwan North
Help Me Eros DVD Taiwan South
Hole, The (1997) DVD Taiwan North
Hole, The (1998) DVD Taiwan South
I Don'T Want To Sleep Alone DVD Taiwan South
Invincible Kung Fu Legs, The DVD Taiwan South
Island Etude DVD Taiwan South
Island Etude DVD Taiwan North
Legend Of The Sacred Stone DVD Taiwan South
Miguel/Michelle Taiwan South
Millennium Mambo DVD Taiwan South
Millennium Mambo DVD Taiwan North
Most Distant Course DVD Taiwan South
Most Distant Course, The DVD Taiwan North
Personals, The (Taiwan) Taiwan North
Puppetmaster, The DVD Taiwan North
Puppetmaster, The (Hsiao-Hsien) DVD Taiwan South
Puppetmaster, The (Taiwan) DVD Taiwan North
Rebels Of The Neon God DVD Taiwan South
Rebels Of The Neon God DVD Taiwan North
Return Of The Tiger DVD Taiwan South
River, The ('97, Taiwan) DVD Taiwan South
River, The (1997) DVD Taiwan North
Rivera Taiwan South
Rooftop, The DVD Taiwan South
Shaolin Vs. Ninja DVD Taiwan North
Strawman DVD Taiwan South
Stray Dogs (2013) DVD Taiwan South
Street Fighters Part Ii Taiwan South
Summer At Grandpa's, A DVD Taiwan North
Three Times DVD Taiwan North
 1-50 of 61 

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